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Little Elm, TX Landscaping Company

Little Elm is a small, beautiful city built around the Northern reaches of Lewisville Lake. With the city’s proximity to the lake, landscapes are beautiful, full of trees, and so charming.

Lawn & Landcare has completed landscaping projects all throughout Little Elm neighborhoods, including Arbor Creek, Paloma Creek, Sleepy Hollow Trail, Oak Grove, Lakewood Village, and more. We understand what landscaping services you need, and when you need them. We’re Texas landscaping experts!

To discover more of our landscaping design projects, take a look at our landscaping portfolio.

You can truly see why so many satisfied customers count on Lawn and Landcare for their landscaping needs. Whether you are looking to create the front yard or backyard of your dreams, or just maintain what you have already created, Lawn and Landcare can provide you with the quality care and professionalism you need to keep your Little Elm neighborhood looking well-manicured.

During each lawn service visit, your yard will be cut to the optimal height and grass clippings will be cleaned up. In addition to cutting the grass, we include edging, weed eating, and will blow off all concrete at the property. Our customers have peace of mind when it comes to regular service with our consistent scheduling and communication.

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Commercial & Residential Lawn Care Services in Little Elm TX

We offer so much more than typical landscape services. For a full list of services, visit our Landscape Services page.

Lawn & Landcare’s Little Elm Portfolio

Lawn and Landcare is a landscaping company that has been proud to serve Little Elm and surrounding areas for over 15 years. Visit our landscaping portfolio to view some of our projects.

We take our promise to professionalism very seriously to ensure we can provide a wide range of services no matter what your landscaping project entails.

About Little Elm Texas

Little Elm is a city in Denton County, where over 66 miles of the corporate town limits are the shoreline of Lewisville Lake. This has led to a scenic setting, where almost everywhere in the city you go you will have a view of the lake. If you love the idea of a lakeside view, then Little Elm is the city for you.

History of Little Elm, TX

Little Elm was chartered in 1841, and was mostly inhabited by Indians who lived near the creeks. These creeks were early important natural resources, as it made the nearby soil fertile and ready for crops. The area was also a rich source for timber, which made good fuel for the winters.

As surrounding communities developed, it was inevitable that Little Elm itself would also develop and awaken from its “sleepy town” status.

Little Elm was incorporated as a city in 1966, and had its own Home Rule charter by 2001. Today, the town continues to grow as businesses open and new home construction is completed.


Infrastructural development in the city is aimed at having residential, shopping and office spaces having the same line-of-sight view of the lake.

The city’s expansion and growth in the past few years has created traffic concerns for the City, but road-widening projects that are expected to finish by 2014 should ease the vehicular congestion.

Parks and Trails

There are four major parks: Little Elm Park, Cottonwood Park, Beard Park, and McCord Park. Little Elm and Cottonwood are fairly developed, with access to the shoreline, while McCord Park and Beard Park are still being developed to the same level as the first two. Hiking and biking trails exist, and serve as important links between the main transportation arteries.

Lawn & Landcare Certifications

  • Texas Nursery and Floral Certificate
  • Lawn and Ornamental Weed Control Certificate
  • Texas Structural Pest Control Service Certificate
  • Commercial Pesticide Applicator License
  • Texas Department of Agriculture Applicator License

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