Essential Landscaping Tips for the Chilly Months Ahead

As the temperatures drop and winter approaches, it’s time to get your landscaping and garden ready for colder months ahead. Read on to discover Lawn and Landcare’s essential tips for keeping your property in good shape during frosty days.

Benefits of Winterizing Your Garden

Fall lawn care is the time to winterize your garden. It’s essential to safeguard your plants and lawn from potential damage and protect your treasured investment. By taking a little extra care in the Autumn you’ll enjoy a healthy, flourishing lawn and plants come Spring.

Also, prepping perennials for winter saves a lot of time and effort when warmer temperatures return. Plants transition from dormancy to active growth again, and well-prepared gardens bounce back more resiliently producing better results.

Winter Garden Maintenance Checklist

Frost Forecasts

Monitor weather reports during the fall, so you know when you need to take action and protect tender plants from harmful frost damage.

Plant Covers

Cover delicate plants with protective material designed to insulate them from harsh weather conditions. Don’t use plastic materials that trap moisture, as this could harm plants over time.


Spread a layer of organic mulch around sensitive plants to keep soil moisture stable and maintain a consistent temperature.

Perennial Beds

Remove dead plant material from perennial plants to prevent diseases or pest infestations.


Even during colder months, your plants still need water. Make sure they receive ample watering before the first deep freeze.


Burlap wrap is the perfect material to shield delicate shrubs from snowfall and ice, which can cause breakage.


Incorporating good Autumn landscaping tips into your winterizing routine helps your garden survive and thrive. Remember, taking these important steps to protect your plants in winter sets the stage for a blossoming garden come springtime.

Need Help Winterizing Your Landscape? Call Us!

The team at Lawn and Landcare can take the winterizing burden off your shoulders. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule a Fall garden maintenance visit.

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