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Highland Village is a small, beautiful community in North Dallas that borders Lewisville Lake. Streets are lined with big, stately trees and lawns are well-manicured. If you’re looking for a company that takes as much pride in your lawn as you do, you’ve come to the right place.

At Lawn & Landcare, we have the experience necessary to both create and keep up the kinds of gorgeous landscaping that Highland Village residents are used to. We’ve worked in each neighborhood, from Chapel Springs to Highland Shores and everything in between.

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Commercial & Residential Lawn Care Services in Highland Village TX

We offer so much more than typical landscape services. For a full list of services, visit our Landscape Services page.

Lawn & Landcare’s Highland Village Portfolio

Part of our commitment to bringing our customers the very best includes carrying a range of certifications and licenses. This allows us to give more than every day landscaping projects and gives us the opportunity to contribute to both big and small landscaping projects.

We have been fortunate to build our reputation in Highland Village because of our commitment to providing our customers with the very best in professionalism and expertise. We do what it takes for our customers to end up with the yard of their dreams.

About Highland Village Texas

Highland Village is a city within Denton County in Texas, and it’s primarily a suburban residential area for Dallas. It’s one of the smaller cities, with less than 20,000 citizens.

History of Highland Village, TX

The city started out as a “getaway” community for professionals from Dallas, but as time wore on, these professionals enjoyed their stay in Highland Village more than their actual places in the city. And in 1963, many of the residents incorporated the small rural town as a city. After a big population boom for the next decade or so after that, it became a Home Rule city in 1986. Its history before becoming a vacation town has elements of the Wild West in it, as the area was known to have been a hideout for Sam Bass, an infamous highwayman. To this day, the guiding points of the local city culture include the idea of being a relaxed community that seeks to enjoy nature and living closer to the land. It’s probably for these reasons that the city has been slow to develop compared to some of the other nearby cities and towns. Transportation Highland village is a member of the Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA), and has a commuter express coach service to Denton and Downtown Dallas. There is also a commuter railway station for the DCTA’s A-train. The city has existing biking and hiking trails, but these are usually connected to the trails for other nearby cities. Recreation Highland Village does have some parks and some water recreational facilities, but the big event is usually the hot air balloon festival that’s hosted by the local Lion’s Club. Another major event is the annual city holiday, now known as Highland Village Days. The event includes a fireworks show, short marathon runs, live music concerts, and family fishing activities. A similar event for the city is a fireworks and music festival known as the Red, White, and Blue festival. The Veterans Monument There is a Highland Village monument to veterans from the city. The criteria to have a relative’s name included in the monument is to verify if the veteran has lived in the city for more than one year at any point in the person’s life, and that the person was honorably discharged.

Lawn & Landcare Certifications

  • Texas Nursery and Floral Certificate
  • Lawn and Ornamental Weed Control Certificate
  • Texas Structural Pest Control Service Certificate
  • Commercial Pesticide Applicator License
  • Texas Department of Agriculture Applicator License

At Lawn & Landcare, we dedicate ourselves to keeping up to ate on our certifications and licenses, and make sure we employ the best people for the job. We pride ourselves on our work – because you pride yourself on your lawn.

Whether you are looking to keep up your yard, create an entirely new landscape design or create a more manageable outdoor area, let Lawn and Landcare do the heavy lifting for you.

Lawn and Landcare brings you the highest level of customer service and an expert team of professionals in the Highland Village area. Contact us today to speak with a landscaping professional and receive a free consultation.

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