Irrigation Tips For The Changing Seasons


As most of us know, keeping your grass properly irrigated is crucial for lush and beautiful green grass. And, as the weather changes, we also need to adjust how we take care of our lawns. Depending on where you live and what climate conditions are prevalent in your area, you’ll need to adjust your lawn care accordingly. While you gear up for seasonal changes we have put together 6 tips on how best to manage your irrigation system over the next few months. Following these tips will help avoid various sprinkler repairs down the line.

Check That All Your Components Are Working Properly

The first thing you will need to do is to inspect all of the various components of your irrigation system. This way, you can make sure that they will operate correctly when springtime comes and the water is turned back on. Remember to pay particular attention to the backflow prevention device. If it looks a little rusty or performs in a hesitant manner as you first turn it on, you may need to have it tested by a qualified lawn care expert.

Make Sure That All Your Valves Are Properly Closed

Next, make sure that all of the valves on your irrigation system are closed correctly. During the winter months, it’s very important to make sure these valves are closed so that you will not be overtaxing your system or wasting a lot of water. Even if you have already drained your irrigation system before the winter season, a portion of these valves may still be open. Making a quick inspection of your system will enable you to spot the valves that are still open.

Make Sure Your Filters Are Always Clean

Always keep your filters clean. This is crucial to keeping your drip irrigation system in good working condition. Clean your filters by first removing them from the filter body, then wipe off any sediment that may be clinging to them. Remember, the cleaner your filter is, the better your irrigation system will be able to do its job. After the debris is wiped off, swish the filter around in a small container of water. This way, you can clean off any dirt, especially hard to spot particles, that may have been left behind.

Slowly Turn On Your Main Water Valve

Once the rainy season has stopped and Spring is in the air, your next step will be to slowly turn your main water valve back on. Why do this as slowly as possible? Well, you don’t want a sudden surge of water to cause damage to your irrigation system. Water that moves at a high rate of speed can cause quite a bit of damage to your system. Gingerly and with caution is the way to do it. Make sure to listen to the flow of water. Bring the flow to a stop after a few seconds, then repeat the process. Also, keep an eye (and ear!) out for any leaks.

Reprogram or Replace Your Controller

Once Spring has arrived, it may be the perfect opportunity for you to either reprogram or completely replace the controller on your irrigation system. However, before you do so, you will need to check with your local water agency to see if any restrictions on water usage exist. If they do, adjust your controller accordingly.

Remove Your End Caps and Flush Out Your System

Another important thing to do at the start of Spring is to remove your end caps and flush out your system. After you remove these end caps, you will need to run water through the system. Do this for two to three minutes in order to remove any excess debris that could clog up the emission devices on your irrigation system.

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