Landscape Cleanup, Fresh Mulch, and Sod Installation in Frisco TX

This project was completed in Frisco, Texas for a customer that just listed their home for sale. The landscape was over grown and flower beds were full of weeds and grass. Lawn & Landcare removed weeds from all flowerbeds, trimmed all trees, crape myrtles, and shrubs.  Once the plants were pruned and beds were cleaned, fresh hardwood mulch was then installed. The landscape borders were reset and leveled. New Bermuda sod was installed in the bare patches of the yard.

This job entailed:

  • Flowerbed cleanup service
  • Shrubs pruned
  • Trees trimmed
  • Crape myrtle service
  • Landscape border leveling
  • Hardwood mulch installation
  • Bermuda sod installation
  • General cleanup
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