Retaining Wall and French Drain Installation in Carrollton TX

This home in Carrollton had an erosion problem on the side where poor drainage and grading was causing soil run off into the street and loss of grass. The previous retaining wall had failed due to improper installation and height. After the initial inspection, we determined a french drain and retaining wall were needed to correct the problems. A french drain was installed and connected to the gutter down spouts to redirect excess water flow to a more level point of the yard. The retaining wall was built tall enough to prevent future soil erosion and secured with landscape adhesive for long-term reliability.

Project Process

  • Initial site consultation
  • Plan designed and approved
  • Trench digging for the drainage
  • French drain and exit pop-up installed
  • Soil leveled and graded
  • Retaining wall constructed
  • Remaining soil back filled and graded
  • Site clean up with debris removal
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