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Lewisville, TX is a beautiful suburb in North Dallas with a long piece of the Lewisville Lake shoreline. Because of that shoreline, it’s a recreational destination for families around the DFW area.

Lewisville is a big city! There are approximately 95 neighborhoods. No matter which one of those you live in, Lawn & Landcare is the perfect choice for your landscaping. We can handle everything from landscape design and installation to seasonal clean-ups and lawn care. We employ a team of highly skilled landscapers that provide quick, reliable service throughout the year. Our customers enjoy a hands-off approach to lawn service that keeps the yard looking great without worry. We maintain a regular service schedule, either weekly or biweekly and service Little Elm on the same day every week. Our regular lawn mowing service includes mowing at the correct height, removal of grass clippings, weedeating around trees and flower beds, and blowing service for all concrete surfaces.

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We offer so much more than typical landscape services. For a full list of services, visit our Landscape Services page.

Lawn & Landcare’s Lewisville Portfolio

Lawn and Landcare is a landscaping company that has been proud to serve Lewisville and surrounding areas for over 15 years. Visit our landscaping portfolio to view some of our projects.

When you are looking to design the outdoor area of your dreams, you will want to be sure that you find a landscaping company that can provide you the very best in professionalism, attention to detail and expertise. Lawn and Landcare played a role in keeping Lewisville neighborhoods well manicured and looking their best. Our attention to detail has provided us with many years of successful landscaping projects and happy customers. We offer limited guarantees with our installation projects. As part of our commitment to professionalism and expert service. We also carry a variety of certifications and licenses to help us offer a variety of specialized landscaping services.

About Lewisville Texas

Lewisville, thanks to a consistently warm climate, has become one of the most popular recreational areas for the whole Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. And with its position and transportation system built on the I-35 highway, it has positioned itself as not only an entertainment and sports hub, but as a viable diversified community on its own.

History of Lewisville, TX

Lewisville was originally called Holford’s Prairie, but the initial economic and population growth didn’t happen until it became a railroad stop. Lewisville finally incorporated as a city in 1925, and the next phase of expansion happened when the Lewisville Dam and Lake was finished in the ‘50s.

In the late ‘60’s, more land was added to Lewisville – about 2,500 more acres. By the 80’s continued residential development and employment opportunities started another large expansion, and today, Lewisville has become a major entertainment and sports center that is home to 90,000 people and 3,600 businesses. With its abundance of recreational and sports facilities, the question will be what you can’t do in Lewisville.

The MCL Grand

Formally known as the Medical Center of Lewisville Grand Theater, the MCL Grand is a large-scale arts and entertainment facility that includes a theater designed for musicals and traditional plays, an art gallery, and a dance recital hall. It also houses classrooms and a courtyard that allows for free outdoor concerts during the summers.


Most of the festivals in Lewisville revolve around the holidays and music. This is an outgrowth for the development push that the city council has for arts and sports, particularly as linked to their tourism efforts.
Lewisville Lake

Lewisville Lake, which has blossomed into a complete water sports and outdoor recreation area, perfect for both sports enthusiasts and the usual vacationing families. Fishing, camping, and bird-watching are also supported by the lake facilities.

Lawn & Landcare Certifications

  • Texas Nursery and Floral Certificate
  • Lawn and Ornamental Weed Control Certificate
  • Texas Structural Pest Control Service Certificate
  • Commercial Pesticide Applicator License
  • Texas Department of Agriculture Applicator License

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