How Ornamental Trees and Shrubs Can Enhance Your Commercial Landscape

Ornamental trees can add an interesting focal point to your landscape. Usually, they are smaller than shade trees and will have flowers, colorful leaves, or fruit. Think of them as a pop of beauty, an accent that will spark joy. Landscaping your commercial property with trees and shrubs will not only make your property look beautiful, but it will increase its value over time. That’s a win-win, don’t you think?

The trick is in choosing plants that will flourish in your specific environment and caring for them. That’s the key to their survival. Lawn and Landcare offer a great selection of ornamental trees and shrubs, and can guide you in the best way to beautify your commercial property, and offer landscape maintenance services. When it comes to commercial landscapes, it’s always best to leave it up to the professionals.

Picking the Right Trees and Shrubs for Your Environment

There is a lot to think about when choosing which trees or shrubs will work for your space and environment. Here are a couple of things to take into account:

1. Space Constraints
Is your space big or small? This will determine whether you’ll need trees or shrubs, or a combination of both. Be clear about what you need from the plants you choose; are you trying to create a barrier or border from neighboring businesses or the road, or do you just want some greenery or color?

Top tip: Don’t forget to make sure the root systems of trees won’t have the potential to interfere with your building’s foundations.

2. Environmental Factors
Now that you have chosen where you are going to put your trees, you’ll need to assess the kind of light each area has – shade or sun? And if your plants will receive heavy seasonal rain or periods of drought? These environmental factors play an important part in choosing which types of trees or shrubs you must choose. And, also, if you’ll need to put in some rainwater tanks or an irrigation system, to keep your greenery happy.
Top Tip: Don’t put in a whole new irrigation system when doing your landscaping, rather get in touch with Lawn and Landcare about irrigation services, repairs, and upgrades.

3. Creating a Style
Next, you’ll need to decide what look and style you want to create. Are you wanting a rustic, indigenous, or neatly manicured landscape design? Will you be adding ornamental and statement trees, or perhaps even fruit trees? Will your landscaping needs include hardscaping services such as dry stack stone walls, stone edging and borders, flower bed borders, and ground cover?

Top Tip: Choose an overall style and stick with it, this way your space will feel cohesive and welcoming.

Caring For Your Plants
Ornamental trees usually take a little bit of extra care and trimming in order to really stand out and make a statement. You’ll find yourself also needing to do regular maintenance such as fertilization, pruning, watering, mulching, and pest control. This way your plants will thrive and is one of the main reasons it’s important to find plants that are suitable for your area’s environment.

The more low-maintenance your landscape needs are, the better. You don’t want to put extra pressure on the environment, so don’t choose plants that will need excessive water, huge amounts of fertilizer, and pesticides. There are new ways of ensuring environmental impact is low; using techniques that focus on water-efficient landscaping and integrated pest management.

Popular Ornamental Trees
Not sure where to start? Here are some of the most popular ornamental trees that are not only pretty to look at but some can fit in small spaces, are good for hedging, and attract birds and insects.

Our 8 Most Popular Ornamental Trees
1. Jack Dwarf Flowering Pear: Great in small spaces, white blossoms appear in early spring.
2. Crabapple: Creates high visual impact, flowers during all four seasons.
3. Star Magnolia: Everyone’s favorite, white flowers bloom in early spring.
4. Japanese Maple: A very popular choice with maroon and green leaves, that needs to be planted in a protected area.
5. Dwarf Korean Lilac: Good in small spaces, fragrant, light lilac flowers bloom in early spring.
6. Japanese Tree Lilac: Will survive in tough sites and are problem-free, fragrant white flowers in late spring.
7. Cornus Mas: Great for use as screens or hedges, bright yellow flowers in early spring attract many birds.
8. Eastern Redbud: A statement piece, magenta buds become pink flowers with heart-shaped leaves.

Are you looking at using ornamental trees and shrubs to change up your existing commercial landscape or will you be starting from scratch? Lawn & Landcare provides professional commercial landcare services in design, installation, and maintenance. Not only do we have expert knowledge and have completed thousands of projects, but we also warranty all plants’ survival for 30 days after installation!

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