Pool Landscaping Ideas: The Best Landscape Ideas For Pool Areas

Now that your long-awaited pool is installed, it’s time to complete the vision of how this space will look. Whether green and lush, tropical or exotic, the landscaping around your pool is what will bring everything together. The following pool landscaping ideas can help complete the outdoor space you’ve been dreaming of.

Pool Landscaping Plants

Plants to Avoid in Pool Landscaping

Plants will add to the look and feel of your outdoor pool space. They add color, texture, and pristine beauty to the area. However, it’s best to first rule out what not to plant in your pool area. Deciduous trees that drop their leaves, plants that bear fruit, drop cones and seeds, attract bees, or have thorns and barbs are best avoided. Instead, go for evergreens that don’t shed many leaves or plants with lengthy flower displays.

Best Plants for Pool Landscaping

Do the research to find the best trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants that will thrive when planted in your growing zone. Also, consider the rest of your landscaping and what will blend in well. Choose plants that are low maintenance and offer safety and privacy. Begin your research with the following list of popular pool landscaping ideas.

  • Succulents are popular plants that are evergreen, hardy, and sculptural in form.
  • Ornamental grasses like yellow foxtail and fountain grass are low maintenance and visually appealing. They also offer some privacy
  • Vines like passionflower and Carolina jasmine can be trained to climb and weave over trellises, arbors, and pergolas.
  • Tropical plants like palms and hibiscus if suitable for your climate give an exotic look to the poolside.

Potted Plants and Containers

Potted Plants and plants in containers are perfect by the pool. Seasonal annuals add color without taking up a lot of space. The containers you choose can add interest or match a decorating theme you are trying to achieve.

Pool Landscaping Grass

Grass is always good for filling in empty space in the pool area. It adds texture and a soft place for children and sunbathers. Choose a low-maintenance type appropriate for where you live.

Adding Privacy to the Pool Area

You can use pool landscaping ideas to help achieve privacy for the pool area. Fences help add both privacy and safety by keeping out prying eyes and pets or children when the pool is closed. Wood perimeter fencing and ornamental fencing are popular choices.

Plants can also be used as a living fence for privacy and beauty. The tall grasses mentioned earlier, shrubs, and evergreen trees add a natural barrier. Other grasses good for privacy include bamboo and giant reed. Vines can be trained to be woven through chain link fencing to eventually add privacy.

Other Pool Landscaping Ideas


Use landscape lighting to enhance both the safety and beauty of your pool area. Choices include solar powered garden lights and floodlights. Solar stake lights can define walkways for a decorative touch or be installed in the concrete stairs of the pool for safety. Point floodlights up at an angle to feature a tree, fountain, or other element.

Tiki torches can also be used to add light around the pool area. They add a nice touch to a tropical themed decor.

Boulders, Stones, and Pebbles

Boulders, stones, and pebbles are wonderful for adding a natural look to your pool area. Be sure not to use small pebbles too close to the pool. They can end up in the water and eventually cause problems in the filtration and vacuuming system.

Use natural river rocks or moss boulders to outline flower borders. Boulders and stones can also be used to create rock waterfalls or even as a sort of natural diving board.


Now that your head is buzzing with dozens of ideas for pool landscaping, it’s time to make a plan. Digging holes in the hard ground and choosing plants wisely can be tricky. Let the experts help. Contact Lawn & Landcare in the Dallas area to help turn your dreams into reality.

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