Landscape & Yard Cleanup

Lawn & Landcare’s general landscape cleanup service is the solution for a quick appearance improvement. We specialize in providing you with professional yard cleanup services for both residential and commercial jobs. Our professionally trained employees provide reliable and thorough work and we always offer free estimates.

Seasonal yard cleanup typically takes place in the fall and spring and includes removal of leaves, brush, weeds, and other unwanted plants and debris. General cleanups are typically an all-inclusive process that include flower bed service, tree and shrub trimming, and hardwood mulch installation.

Rely on Lawn and Landcare to take care of all your spring, fall, and winter landscape maintenance needs.

Leaf Cleanup Service

Mature landscapes with large trees drop huge amounts of leaves after the growing season. If not properly cleaned up, your grass and plants will suffer greatly during the next growing season. Leaf accumulation will smother plants and attract unwanted insects and molds. Our leaf cleanup service includes the entire lawn, all flower beds, and concrete surfaces. After the cleanup is complete, our crews will haul off all debris and dispose of them at an approved recycling center.

Overgrown Landscape Trimming

Taming your trees and shrubs is essential to an appealing landscape. If your ornamentals are overgrown, they depreciate your property’s appearance and value. Our general cleanup service will tame your existing landscape and protect your home by removing low hanging branches and trimming shrubs away from the property.

Flower Bed Service

Flower beds quickly fill with weeds and cause a major eyesore. Removing grass and weeds from flower beds is a quick way to improve the overall appearance of your home or business. Once the beds are in order, it’s best to install a thick layer of hardwood mulch that will slow weed growth, conserve water, and give distinguished lines to the landscape.

Hardwood Mulch Installation

Hardwood mulch is a blend of native hardwood trees that are double ground for increased moisture retention properties and have a natural dark brown color. We recommend mulch for flower beds and around trees and shrubs to conserve water, prevent erosion, and slow weed growth, all while maintaining a clean appearance.

Made only from 100% all-natural shredded wood, our mulch never contain construction debris, palettes, or other potentially contaminated materials. Our mulch is also aged and heat-treated to eliminate pathogens and weeds. We can install a variety of organically colored mulches if standard hardwood mulch is not requested.

Seasonal Flower Installation

Seasonal color throughout the year gives landscapes unique contrast that improves the first impression of the home or business. No matter what season, Lawn and Landcare can offer your property creative combinations of plants and flowers that will make your property stand out with climate adapted annuals that give a unique overall appearance to the property

The flowers are planted, fertilized, and watered during the installation process. We plant seasonal flowers on an as-needed basis or at scheduled intervals of two-three times per year.

Landscape & Yard Cleanup Service Area

Lawn & Landcare’s lawn mowing service is available in the following Texas cities: Allen, Carrollton, Coppell, Frisco, Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lewisville, Little Elm, McKinney, Plano, and The Colony.

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