It Is Time to Plan for Your Spring Flowers

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Any commercial business that has a flower bed integrated into their space receives the benefits of the aesthetic beauty it can offer on a daily basis. While that may not necessarily translate into additional revenue, it certainly doesn’t detract from the atmosphere and leaves a positive impression for customers.

The same holds true for homeowners, though planning ahead for a commercial landscape installation that focuses on spring flower planting is time well spent. Specific steps should involve:

Choosing the Right Flowers

A homeowner or someone looking for a commercial landscape installation of flowers shouldn’t be expected to have an encyclopedic knowledge of which flowers work best when it comes to spring plantings. Some bloom faster than others, while others will work best with your surrounding property. Allowing professionals to handle this job is the best route to take.

Depending on your particular circumstances, daffodils might work best, while other areas could benefit from options like hyacinth, crocus or tulips. Those professionals also know how much benefit you can receive from vital components like mulch and handle the job for those businesses and homeowners that just don’t have the time.

Performing Damage Control

Not all winters are the same, with some delivering inclement weather that can directly affect the look of a property or cause damage to connected elements. Gauging whether or not your dormant flower beds or the overall landscape have been directly affected by the winter climate should be done as early as possible.

That allows for quick assessments on how to approach the spring, which could involve the introduction of new flowers to change things up. Simply replacing damaged flower beds is also a consideration, though repairing any of the surrounding landscape figures to be a more extended project. These circumstances can also lead to the arrival of unwelcome insects and other pests who should be eliminated during this period.

Dealing with Weeds

The sight of unsightly weeds popping up in your flower garden is, unfortunately, an inevitable aspect of this entire process and should be addressed as quickly as possible. These menaces will start arriving once spring hits, with your lawn also holding the potential for adding to the weed problem.

Using professional landscaping services to address these concerns is always a good decision, as they can tackle the weed problem by edging the surrounding area of the flower bed. In some instances, that may involve having blocks installed, though simply using a spade to do it manually also takes care of the issue.

The Value of Aeration

You can have the most beautiful array of flowers in the world on your property, but if the lawn surrounding it is in questionable or terrible shape, the takeaway of visitors and passersby will be a negative one. One way to invigorate your lawn is through core aeration, which opens up that area and lets it absorb everything it needs, like water, nutrients and oxygen.

One of the best times to have core aeration done is in the early spring, since it will set the stage for you to have a green lawn when summertime arrives. Part of the reason stems from the reduction of thatch from aeration, while limiting the amount of runoff during the spring rains. Green lawns and beautiful flowers are a visual delight that can be accomplished through this process.

Checking Your Sprinkler

Having a working sprinkler for your commercial landscape or your residential lawn helps keep the grass and land in general in a vibrant condition. In the latter case, it can mean increasing the value of your property, which is why making sure that you aren’t in need of sprinkler repair before the annual hot weather begins is important.

Commercial businesses may also need to have their sprinklers in working order, simply because the relentless sun that arrives in Texas every year can make your landscape an unsightly mess. That sends the wrong message to anyone passing by, which can lead to decisions that directly affect the bottom line. So if you are in need of sprinkler repair, now is the time to address that situation.

Your Best Decision

Lawn and Landcare has been around for nearly two decades and has provided quality customer service when it comes to commercial landscape installation and maintenance in the North Dallas area. We also handle the residential side of this equation and can help make sure that the flowers on your property bloom to the best of their ability.

Carefully cultivating the growth of those flowers through core aeration is just one of the many services we provide. In addition, we can offer aid when it comes to things like sprinkler repair and other fixes that you need. We’re here to help, so if your commercial business or your residence is in need of our services, just give us a call at 214-293-3793 or fill out our online form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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