Should I Water the Lawn When the Temperature Drops?

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Everybody loves to enjoy a green and vibrant lawn in the warmer months of the year. Most people know that when the weather is warm, the grass must be watered if it is going to look appealing and stay healthy. What happens when the temperature drops? Is watering the grass a year-round duty even when it is cold outside? Are there any benefits to keeping your lawn watered when it gets colder? Keep in mind, water is known for protecting the lawn. Yes, there are benefits to watering your grass in the colder months when the temperature drops. Commercial lawn care maintenance is going to provide you with a vibrant and nourished lawn all year long because commercial sprinkler systems are part of a good lawn package. The idea is to offer excellent information along with superior services to ensure your lawn looks great all year long.

Benefits: Lawn Watering as the Temperature Drops

Quality commercial landscape maintenance will prevent your grass from becoming dormant. Quality lawns do require much care. Commercial sprinkler systems will keep your grass hydrated and vibrant. Commercial landscape maintenance is a year-round endeavor. The following are benefits to having a watered lawn even when the temperature drops:

  • it keeps the roots hydrated
  • the roots will not die during the colder periods when watered
  • prevents frost damage (when watered prior to very low temperatures hitting)
  • grass will be strengthened when watered
  • water will help to fight damage to lawn from cold weather
  • keeps the lawn healthy
  • water will help the grass blades to retain heat and keeps moisture in the roots
  • provides added protection to the entire lawn
  • prevents the roots from becoming dormant

Less Water is Needed

Watering your grass in the winter months is not the same as the summer or warmer months because less water is required in the winter. It is important to know that the cold weather is going to change the way your lawn is cared for. In the colder months of the year, most lawns only need about a half-inch of water every week in order to keep grass thriving and alive. Some lawns may need more if the grass is known for growing vigorously. In the summer months, most lawns need one to two inches of water every week. The colder weather does not evaporate moisture from the lawn as quickly as it does in the warmer weather. Most lawn experts recommend watering your grass until the soil or ground temperature reaches the 40-degree Fahrenheit mark. It is true, less water is required and needed when the temperature drops. Commercial lawn care maintenance includes providing people with useful information about the requirements for watering along with other helpful tips that keep lawns looking nourished and vibrant all year.

A Morning Watering Routine

A really good time to water your lawn any season is going to be in the morning. Many people incorporate lawn watering into their morning routine. This is the best time to water because it will give the roots more time to absorb the water in a fresh and healthy way. Watering at night has been known to lead to fungal growth because the water tends to not evaporate. Night watering offers extra time for unwanted pathogens to get into and infiltrate your entire lawn. A daily morning watering routine is good for most lawns.

Good Things to Know About Added Protection

If you live in an area that will hit very low temperatures during the cold season, you may appreciate added protection for your vibrant lawn care. You will be able to protect your greenery from frost damage if you water the grass right before the really low temperatures start in. The water is going to strengthen your grass and this will fight off a lot of unnecessary damage that can occur with very cold weather. Keep in mind that water will release more heat at a slower rate. This slower release will help the blades to retain heat for longer periods. If you water one or two days prior to the arrival of really cold temperatures it will give extra time for the moisture to saturate and soak the roots. It is good to know that water is good for insulating. When a plant cell is full and plump with water, it will be quite strong in the sense that it will not easily be damaged. Moister soil is going to stay warmer than the dry soil.

Winter Watering?

Many people have inquired about the winter watering guidelines for their own lawn. One thing is for certain, if you are still mowing your lawn during the winter months and there is some growth, you will most likely need to do a little winter watering. Each lawn will be unique in terms of its particular watering needs. The best way to handle this is to ask the advice of a professional, like those at Lawn and Lawncare. Contact our team today to schedule an evaluation and set up services.

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