Portfolio Items

Seasonal Color Projects

Seasonal color is a great way to add character to your landscape throughout the year. Various flowers can be planted in each season that are tolerant to the changing weather. This section highlights some of our seasonal flower installation.

Landscape Installation Projects

These photos are from various landscape installation projects over the years. Most consisted of landscape design and new plant installation.

Stone Flower Bed Border with Brick Cap

This project consisted of removing the existing landscape borders and installing a new stone border with a brick cap that matches the home. A concrete foundation was poured and allowed to cure before the stone was installed which ensures a long-lasting border that is resistant to soil movement. Stone borders were constructed around each of the flower beds and around the trees. The stone was chosen to closely match the home and leftover bricks from the builder were used to create the cap.

Hardscape and Stone Work Portfolio

Hardscape design and installation adds functionality and additional enjoyment to a landscape. Hardscaping projects consist of flagstone patios, stone walkways, stone flower bed borders, decks, and fencing. Properly designed hardscapes complement your home and increase it’s overall value. They allow you to get more use of your yard with the ability to relax, play, and entertain outdoors. Professional installation ensures the hardscape features are installed to last for years and endure the climate changes of North Texas.

Tractor Mowing and Acreage Clean Up Services

Before and after pictures from some of our tractor mowing and acreage clean up projects. Our acreage maintenance service includes tractor mowing, weed eating, and blowing clippings and debris off of concrete surfaced. A typical acreage clean up project consists of trash and debris removal, cutting down over growth, mowing, and dump service at an approved recycle center.

Commercial Lawn and Landscape Maintenance

Lawn and Landcare provides commercial lawn and landscape maintenance services to homeowners associations, business locations, and city owned properties. Our commercial landscape program includes maintenance of the complete landscape. In addition to maintenance, some accounts have optional services such as seasonal color, winter rye seeding, and seasonal mulching. Our commercial clients enjoy flat rate, monthly pricing, and superior performance. Contact us to schedule and on-site consultation.

Commercial Landscape Services

  • Lawn mowing
  • Shrub and tree trimming
  • Flower bed cleaning
  • Leaf removal
  • Sprinkler checks
  • Fertilization and weed control
  • Monthly inspection and performance report

Optional Commercial Services

  • Fertilization and weed control
  • Sprinkler repairs
  • Hardwood mulch
  • Seasonal flower installation
  • Fire ant control
  • Winter rye seeding

Retaining Wall and French Drain Installation in Carrollton TX

This home in Carrollton had an erosion problem on the side where poor drainage and grading was causing soil run off into the street and loss of grass. The previous retaining wall had failed due to improper installation and height. After the initial inspection, we determined a french drain and retaining wall were needed to correct the problems. A french drain was installed and connected to the gutter down spouts to redirect excess water flow to a more level point of the yard. The retaining wall was built tall enough to prevent future soil erosion and secured with landscape adhesive for long-term reliability.

Project Process

  • Initial site consultation
  • Plan designed and approved
  • Trench digging for the drainage
  • French drain and exit pop-up installed
  • Soil leveled and graded
  • Retaining wall constructed
  • Remaining soil back filled and graded
  • Site clean up with debris removal

Covered Pergola Patio Installation in Carrollton, TX

This customer in Carrollton, TX requested we design and construct a cedar pergola to cover her existing patio and deck. Our hardscaping team planned and constructed this project and completed it in two working days.

Job process entailed:

  • Initial site evaluation
  • Project design
  • Material delivery
  • Post hole digging
  • Post leveling
  • Set posts with concrete and allow dry time
  • Construct support beams
  • Construct pergola cover

Landscape Cleanup, Fresh Mulch, and Sod Installation in Frisco TX

This project was completed in Frisco, Texas for a customer that just listed their home for sale. The landscape was over grown and flower beds were full of weeds and grass. Lawn & Landcare removed weeds from all flowerbeds, trimmed all trees, crape myrtles, and shrubs.  Once the plants were pruned and beds were cleaned, fresh hardwood mulch was then installed. The landscape borders were reset and leveled. New Bermuda sod was installed in the bare patches of the yard.

This job entailed:

  • Flowerbed cleanup service
  • Shrubs pruned
  • Trees trimmed
  • Crape myrtle service
  • Landscape border leveling
  • Hardwood mulch installation
  • Bermuda sod installation
  • General cleanup

Seasonal Color and Landscape Maintenance in The Colony, TX

Our landscapers performed a large landscape maintenance project in The Colony, TX. The customer wanted the flower beds cleaned and all plants pruned. We installed four red Yuccas behind the pool for as part of a small landscape installation. Additionally, we added fresh mulch and seasonal color with red and white begonias that will last through the rest of the year. After the project was completed, the property was well manicured and will look great throughout the summer months.

This job entailed:

  • Flowerbed leaf and weed removal
  • Shrub pruning
  • Tree trimming
  • Landscape installation
  • Seasonal color installation
  • Seasonal mulch installation
  • Remove all trash and debris