Xeriscaping was originally developed for drought-affected areas. Today, the principles of xeriscaping have an ever broadening appeal as water becomes more scarce. Before making a decision on landscaping, whether commercial or residential, its important to know there is an alternative that uses significantly less water and is environmentally friendly.

Droughts in North Texas are a constant reality! To maintain a traditional, non-drought tolerant landscape under such harsh environmental conditions requires tremendous amounts of frequent watering. Unfortunately, this is a luxury we can no longer afford. We must all learn to use our water resources more conservatively or face increasingly restrictive water rationing in the future.

It’s a common misconception that xeriscape landscapes are merely cactus and rock gardens. This is hardly the case. Your landscape can be lush, green, and full of flowering plants that are water efficient. The same green, Texas-style landscape, which we are accustomed to, can easily be achieved and still conserve water.

By selecting native and adapted plants for your landscape, you can enjoy beautiful flowering plants, shrubs and trees year ’round without draining either your pocketbook or our local water reserves. Typically, native and adapted plants, once established, require less water. Even during our hottest summer, these plants will continue to thrive and bloom.

Xeriscaping Principles

  • Planning and design
  • Practical turf areas
  • Appropriate plant selection
  • Efficient irrigation
  • Use of mulches and decomposed granite
  • Appropriate landscape maintenance plan determined
  • Reduced landscape maintenance

Landscaping with Native Plants

Native plants are flowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees that are indigenous to a geographical region of North America prior to European settlement. Being naturally suited for an area, native plants require minimal maintenance and watering once established. Most species are perennial or self-seeding biennial plants. These plants also attract the hummingbirds and butterflies that call North Central Texas their home. Plants often attract insects which prey upon pests, decreasing the need for pesticide use.

Native plants and the care of them saves you time and money while at the same time protecting our environment, and ultimately conserving water.

Last, but not at all least, is the rule of planting a plant that obtains the ultimate height desired and gets no taller. If you want a low maintenance landscape, native plants give you less back breaking work to maintain their beauty.

Rely on  Lawn & Landcare to consult with you to choose, plan, and design a natural Texas landscape garden.

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