6 Landscape Improvements No Business Should Be Without

When you have a business, the first impression potential customers have of your company is the area surrounding the building. When the property appears cold and uninviting and the grounds maintenance seems lacking, they may have second thoughts on giving you their business. Fortunately, there are ways you can improve your landscape by implementing some or all of the improvements below with the help of a commercial landscaping service.

1. Decorative Drainage Channels

Especially if there are slopes or hills surrounding your business, soil erosion can become an issue by creating muddy, sloppy areas on your grounds. Erosion not only creates a grounds maintenance nightmare, but it also detracts from the landscape’s overall appearance.

Drainage channels that carry the water safely down the slopes will help decrease the erosion. However, instead of plain concrete, consider lining the channels with stones to add a decorative touch.

2. Shrubbery Borders in Place of Fences

If you currently have a chain-linked fence surrounding the property, the metal wires and posts can give off a cold vibe that detracts from the natural beauty of the area. If you do not need the fence for security purposes, consider replacing it with rows of evergreen shrubbery.

However, if the fence is a necessity, simply plant fast-growing shrubs in front of it to camouflage it. The dense foliage of the bushes will also provide privacy for your grounds.

3. Attractive, yet Focused, Lighting

If your business tends to have late hours, customers will feel more secure if there is adequate light to illuminate their way from the parking lot to your front door. However, your current streetlights may not provide enough light in the specific areas in which you need it.

Consider placing attractive light posts along your walkways. Choose ones that direct the light downward to shine on the pathways on which your customers will walk.

4. Areas of Rest for Visitors

If you have a large property on which your business rests, take advantage of the empty space by providing areas of rest for visitors. They will appreciate the chance to sit outside on benches surrounded by colorful flowers while waiting for a meeting with one of your employees.

5. Pristinely Landscaped Walkways

While plain concrete sidewalks serve their purpose, they do not add much to the overall natural ambiance of the landscape. Instead of concrete, consider changing things up by replacing it with flagstones that are bordered by small hedges or flowers.

Or, you may opt to use a dense grass for your walkways. A commercial lawn services company can help you select the right seed or sod, as well as help you maintain it.

6. Ponds with Fountains for Appearance and Safety

Along with your other landscaping improvements, do not forget to dot the property with small ponds or even streams with wooden bridges spanning them. Water tends to give a peaceful, serene feeling to any landscape, which can be important when helping your customers relax and feel at ease.

Whether you have standing or running water on the property, the bodies of water also serve as fire breaks. If a fire were to break out at your business, the water can help stop it from spreading past your property and affecting surrounding buildings.

By surrounding your business with a lush, professional commercial landscaping, you can improve your company’s image and potential customer’s perceptions of your services. Contact us today to discuss your options for creating a beautiful, functional property for your business.

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