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6 Qualities To Look For In a Commercial Landscaper

With so many companies offering landscaping services these days, it’s hard to know which is the right commercial landscaper for your business. After all, your building or company’s exterior appearance is the first thing many of your clients or customers will see. And, as we know, first impressions count. If done correctly your commercial landscape will emulate and enhance both your brand’s look and feel. This is why it’s so crucial to choose the right commercial landscaper that best meets your business’s individual needs and requirements.

Like any supplier, when deciding on a commercial landscaper, it’s important to look for a few key qualities that set the company apart from its competitors. To help you decide, below we share 6 important qualities to consider when looking to hire a commercial landscaper before signing on the dotted line. Continue reading “6 Qualities To Look For In a Commercial Landscaper”

How Ornamental Trees and Shrubs Can Enhance Your Commercial Landscape

Ornamental trees can add an interesting focal point to your landscape. Usually, they are smaller than shade trees and will have flowers, colorful leaves, or fruit. Think of them as a pop of beauty, an accent that will spark joy. Landscaping your commercial property with trees and shrubs will not only make your property look beautiful, but it will increase its value over time. That’s a win-win, don’t you think?

The trick is in choosing plants that will flourish in your specific environment and caring for them. That’s the key to their survival. Lawn and Landcare offer a great selection of ornamental trees and shrubs, and can guide you in the best way to beautify your commercial property, and offer landscape maintenance services. When it comes to commercial landscapes, it’s always best to leave it up to the professionals. Continue reading “How Ornamental Trees and Shrubs Can Enhance Your Commercial Landscape”

Irrigation Tips For The Changing Seasons

As most of us know, keeping your grass properly irrigated is crucial for lush and beautiful green grass. And, as the weather changes, we also need to adjust how we take care of our lawns. Depending on where you live and what climate conditions are prevalent in your area, you’ll need to adjust your lawn care accordingly. While you gear up for seasonal changes we have put together 6 tips on how best to manage your irrigation system over the next few months. Following these tips will help avoid various sprinkler repairs down the line. Continue reading “Irrigation Tips For The Changing Seasons”

It Is Time to Plan for Your Spring Flowers

Any commercial business that has a flower bed integrated into their space receives the benefits of the aesthetic beauty it can offer on a daily basis. While that may not necessarily translate into additional revenue, it certainly doesn’t detract from the atmosphere and leaves a positive impression for customers. Continue reading “It Is Time to Plan for Your Spring Flowers”

Should I Water the Lawn When the Temperature Drops?

Everybody loves to enjoy a green and vibrant lawn in the warmer months of the year. Most people know that when the weather is warm, the grass must be watered if it is going to look appealing and stay healthy. What happens when the temperature drops? Is watering the grass a year-round duty even when it is cold outside? Are there any benefits to keeping your lawn watered when it gets colder? Keep in mind, water is known for protecting the lawn. Yes, there are benefits to watering your grass in the colder months when the temperature drops. Commercial lawn care maintenance is going to provide you with a vibrant and nourished lawn all year long because commercial sprinkler systems are part of a good lawn package. The idea is to offer excellent information along with superior services to ensure your lawn looks great all year long. Continue reading “Should I Water the Lawn When the Temperature Drops?”

How to Keep a Green Lawn in Texas

The colder weather is approaching, and now is the time to plan for a healthy, green lawn come springtime. If you live in Texas, what is the best way to prepare your lawn for the fall and winter season?

It’s easy when you follow some basic steps for proper fertilization and weed control that go along with your watering and soil maintenance program. This guide explains the best way to make your lawn a lush focal point by following these winterizing tips below. Continue reading “How to Keep a Green Lawn in Texas”

8 Lawn Care Musts to Get Your Lawn Ready for Fall

The changing seasons can be fascinating to watch. But when summer starts turning into fall, closer attention needs to be paid by homeowners and commercial businesses to their lawn. That’s because inattention to this vital aspect of your property can have negative consequences when it comes to curb appeal.

While North Texas weather during the fall and winter isn’t quite as volatile as in other areas of the country, it can still have an impact on lawn services that have been ignored. For many, a simple lack of time to attend to such things may be the reason, which might mean contacting a commercial landscape company to handle the job might be the best course of action.

Continue reading “8 Lawn Care Musts to Get Your Lawn Ready for Fall”

8 Most Common Sprinkler Problems and How to Diagnose Them

Most people don’t give their sprinklers enough credit. These unsung heroes are the primary reason your lawn stays in optimal condition all year long. But all too often, people miss the signs that their sprinkler system is performing poorly, or in some cases, is flat-out broken.

We want to help you keep your lawn in the best shape possible. We’re an irrigation installation and sprinkler repair company with tons of experience. That’s why we’ve made this list of some of the most common issues that occur in sprinklers and some tips on how you can diagnose them. Continue reading “8 Most Common Sprinkler Problems and How to Diagnose Them”

Signs Your Commercial Property Needs Extra Maintenance

The land around your commercial property plays a big part in how customers view your operations. If it’s neat and professional, it creates a positive impression; if it’s overgrown or sloppy, it can turn away potential customers. Not sure if your property is in great shape? If you see any of these signs, it might benefit from some extra attention and commercial landscape maintenance. Continue reading “Signs Your Commercial Property Needs Extra Maintenance”