Texas Xeriscaping: Drought-Resistant Landscaping for Spring

The beauty of the Texas landscape is only equaled by its resilience. Springtime here makes us long for bursts of vibrant colors. But traditional landscaping can quickly wilt in our notorious dry spells. So what’s the solution for that eye-popping garden we’re all dreaming about? Xeriscaping by Lawn and Landcare offers a savvy way to beat the Texas heat and enjoy a garden that thrives all season long.


Understanding Xeriscaping


Xeriscaping is the answer to seasonal drought. It hinges on water conservation. “Xeros” is the Greek word for dry, and xeriscaping is a landscaping method requiring minimal irrigation. The approach utilizes native plants capable of thriving in arid conditions, reducing the need for watering.


Selecting the Right Plants


Indigenous Texas flora is key to a successful xeriscaping project. Choose from resilient Yucca, blooming Texas Lantana, native grasses, and ground covers for a planting that provides visual interest. Any native plant accustomed to local climate and soil conditions will be ideal. However, it’s wise to consult with a local nursery for recommendations that thrive easily in your area.


Design Principles


To give your xeriscaping project the best chance at long-term success, efficient irrigation and soil prep are crucial. You need a drip system that provides water directly to the roots, preventing evaporation and water waste. Add organic materials like compost to the soil to help retain moisture.


Other Elements and Advantages

Rocks and mulch add interest and color to your design. Not only do they look elegant, but they also hold moisture near the roots to keep them cool. A well-planned xeriscaping project is eye-catching and environmentally friendly as it provides a habitat for local wildlife.




Texans can have a lush spring garden that’s also practical by utilizing xeriscaping for a drought-resistant focal point that seamlessly melds with the surrounding environment.


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How Landscaping Can Increase the Value of Your Home

Whether you want to make your home stand out or are preparing to list your house, landscaping is the first impression people have of your property. It’s the proven way to liven up your yard and dazzle potential buyers.  A well-manicured lawn, beautiful trees, and colorful plants can stop people in their tracks and have the neighbors giving you props.

When a buyer in Coppell, TX sees properly maintained landscaping, they automatically perceive more value in your home.

Steps to Increase Home Value with Landscaping

Your first task is curb appeal. When people pull into your driveway or drive past your house, they will either notice it or it will blend in with the crowd. Take an honest look at your front yard and think about ways you could improve it. It could be a pretty stone walkway, vibrant flowers, or a bed of textured plants that catches the eye.

There are also practical benefits to landscaping. With a thoughtful plan, you can create areas of natural shade and windbreaks to protect your home from severe weather. Planting trees strategically can also block out sunlight in the warmer months and let the sun in after leaves have fallen. This will lower your energy costs year-round.

Professional landscapers will tell you that integrating hardscapes like decks and patios can significantly increase the value of your property. These are considered outdoor living spaces for entertaining or relaxing that all home buyers look for.

However, when you’re imagining your new landscaping plan, try not to go too big all at once. If you do it in stages, you may find that less is more. But if your yard is vast, your plans may not be big enough, and your added features could get lost in a sea of green lawn. That’s where a professional landscape designer can help. They have the expert advice you need to strike just the right balance.

Investing in the right landscaping can increase the perceived value of your home with potential buyers, whether it’s now or someday in the future. It adds to the aesthetic appeal of your property, provides shade and outdoor square footage, and gives your family more opportunities to enjoy the home while you’re there.

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Once you and our design team have created the landscape of your dreams, our installation crew will arrive on-site to quickly and efficiently install your features. We leave the area clean and safe for your family to enjoy. We’re the partner you need to help your home be the beautiful respite you know it can be.

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4 Common Mistakes People Make When Investing in Landscaping

Many homeowners dream of a showstopping property with impressive landscaping. But what they fail to do is research what is fitting for their region, their yard size, and what features other area homes have that they might want to add.

You can avoid costly mistakes by investing wisely in the right landscaping design for your unique property. Here are a few mistakes homeowners make that landscapers commonly see:

No Planning

You wouldn’t set sail on a voyage without a compass, would you? Beginning a landscape design with no well-thought-out plan is the same thing. The size of the project, the layout, slopes, drainage, and regional environmental factors all play a part, or should. Areas of sun and shade have different needs. Hardscapes may not be as suitable where you envision them as they would be elsewhere.

Hiring a landscape designer can help you create the vision you want for your property without costly delays or mistakes.

No Set Budget

A budget is one of the first things you should decide. You can create one that’s a range or dollar amount specific; it’s up to you. This will help you decide when the quotes from various landscaping companies arrive.

Another thing to consider is a budget for maintenance, especially if you don’t have time to maintain it yourself.

Choosing the Wrong Plants

We all love certain flowers and plants for their color, texture, or even how they make us feel. But while the plants may look great initially, the environment may not allow them to thrive. Choose plants that are particularly suited to your area’s climate and soil conditions.

Do some research on native plants in your area and talk to the people at your local plant nursery. They can give you solid advice on which plants will thrive and which simply won’t.

Doing Too Much

Another common mistake eager property owners make is not editing their wish list. This often results in an overcrowded yard where none of the intended features are prominent. Landscape design is based on a developing installation that, with maturity, is what you envision.

One way to avoid this mistake is to choose a color palette that compliments your house and other structures. Limits the contrasts in texture and hardscape to a minimum so the eye flows over the area without being overwhelmed.


Avoiding the most common mistakes homebuyers make when buying landscaping can save you money in the long run and be more beneficial to your local environment. Proper plant choices, editing, and thoughtful design will give you the result you’re looking for.

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