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6 Landscape Improvements No Business Should Be Without

When you have a business, the first impression potential customers have of your company is the area surrounding the building. When the property appears cold and uninviting and the grounds maintenance seems lacking, they may have second thoughts on giving you their business. Fortunately, there are ways you can improve your landscape by implementing some or all of the improvements below with the help of a commercial landscaping service.

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6 Tips for Managing Multiple Property Landscapes

Managing various property landscapes can be a daunting task to many people, regardless of how experienced they might view themselves. The notion behind this argument is based on the fact that different landscapes require a different approach. It is for this reason that it is advisable to hire a professional landscape company to oversee the management of your landscapes. The following are professional tips you should consider when managing your landscapes.

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How to Prevent Frost Damage to Your Outdoor Plants

The temperature can drop at anytime, and during this time your plants need extra protection from the dangers of frost. Frost damage occurs as the moisture in the plant’s cells freeze, but you may not notice the problems until the temperature warms up. Then you will see drooping leaves on plants, and the foliage will turn brown while the plant is dying. Here are some tips to protect your plants.

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Improving The Look Of Your Commercial Landscape

There’s a lot that goes into running a successful business. In addition to all of the corporate aspects, it is just as important to consider the curb appeal of your company. Businesses that are just as well-put-together in their landscape design as they are in terms of their company operations will find that they keep more clients, as well as attract new ones.

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What Is a French Drain and How Does It Work?

You dread that first clap of thunder because you know in a few hours your basement will be a soggy mess.

Or maybe it isn’t your basement, but your front yard that’s a soggy situation. It’s frustrating and can turn into a potential nightmare for homeowners and businesses.

You have a few options, but one way to get rid of the drainage problem is installing a French Drain system. What is a French Drain? If you aren’t sure what that is or if it’s the right decision, let’s look at a few things you should consider.

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Pool Landscaping Ideas: The Best Landscape Ideas For Pool Areas

Now that your long-awaited pool is installed, it’s time to complete the vision of how this space will look. Whether green and lush, tropical or exotic, the landscaping around your pool is what will bring everything together. The following pool landscaping ideas can help complete the outdoor space you’ve been dreaming of.

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Spring Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

Spring can be a popular time for landscape maintenance due to the milder weather. Homeowners want to take advantage of cooler temperatures and the potential for more rainy days before the intense heat begins. Make the most out of the milder spring weather with our expert advice on lawn fertilization and weed control.
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When to Aerate Your Lawn: Expert Lawncare Tips and Tricks

Aerating your lawn can be beneficial to help nutrients, air and water reach the soil. After repeated lawn mowing, the soil can become compacted and build up a layer of grass clippings, known as thatch. When thatch begins to build up, your grass can suffer and become thin. This can even prevent further growth from spreading. This expert lawn care tip helps you understand when to aerate your lawn and why it may be needed to keep your lawn looking fresh and well groomed.

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Spring Lawn Care and Landscape Tips

Spring is the best season of the year in North Texas for landscape updates and general maintenance. Beginning in March, most of your lawn, trees, and ornamentals will begin coming out of dormancy as the growing season starts. During this time, rainfall is more common and gives your landscape the best possible chance to thrive during Spring and Summer.

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